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How to Perfectly Sharpen Diving Knife


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For a scuba diving fan, there is no reason to let your diving knife to be left unmaintained. Just believe about all the functions of this knife: it can help you out of a jam, an undersea entanglement, for example, double it as reef hook if you desire to stay lots of and stationary more.

Properly to Sharpen Your Diving Knives

Thinking about the vital use of diving knives, you will surely would like to know the right way to maintain the knives. Sharpening the knives is among the most vital parts of keeping your knife's finest condition. Sharpening regularly can lessen a dull blade which can be hazardous for a diver.

You are never ever advised to go out diving with a dull knife. It can be harmful in that superfluous effort requires to be used just to complete a simple task. For efficiently perform a job, your scuba diving knife should be sharp. That's why you should not avoid this step in maintaining your knife.

Step by Step for Sharpening Your Diving Knives

How is the ideal method to sharpen your diving knives? If you do not discern what you are doing, it can in fact be difficult specifically. You can not just run your knife through a knife sharpener just given that the knife commonly has a part jagged edge to the blade.

Action 1: Sharpening dive knives with a ceramic rod sharpener

Among the finest techniques to hone the knife is by using a ceramic rod sharpener. While you can try to use sharpener stone, using a ceramic rod sharpener is still much better sometimes. The best part is it can get into the serrated grooves in your scuba dive knife

More surprisingly, this sort of knife sharpener is used in a vertical position at the ideal angle so that you can merely run your knife blade alongside the rod at the same time as you hold it directly. To get the most of it, make certain to utilize the best ceramic rod sharpening in the market.

Step 2: Sharpening a titanium dive knife.

There are a couple of problems that you have to take into account prior to you start honing if you have or are opting for purchasing a titanium dive knife. First, the frequency of honing a titanium diving knife differs on the building. For example, a beta titanium alloy is considered military grade.

This type of knife has more difficult product that makes it own greater edge retention compared to lower grade titanium knife. Another concern is that some titanium knives are not initially made from titanium steel. They are simply covered in titanium. As a result, you need the right sharpener tool for this task.

A Final Thought of Sharpening Dive Knives

Those are the two right ways to hone dive knives based on the material. While it is highly important to sharpen your knives frequently, you are suggested to clean up the knives regularly as well. Remember to clean up the dive knife after every dive and inspect the sharpness prior to each dive.

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