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How to Store Your Bike


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Storing your favorite bike is crucial to make sure the security of your bike. Rather merely put the bike in your garage conventionally, it must be great to hang it on the wall.

How to Hang Your Bike on the Wall in properly

There are actually several possible approaches that you can do if you get interested to hang your bike on the wall. Nowadays, there have been many types of equipment available for storing your bike properly in your garage or in another space around your home. In this post, let's speak about a few of the most popular techniques to hang bikes.

Approach # 1: Using a Bike Hook or Hanger

Wall installed bike hangers are one of the most popular equipment used to hang a bike on the wall. You can even make your bike a part of your design if you place it well.

Get the bike hook

Of all, you need to get the bike hook or hanger which is able to hold your bike's weight. You can examine it on the product packaging of the book that states its maximum load capacity. Before going to a nearby hardware shop, take your time to scale the weight of your bike initially to make certain the weight.

Measure the length of your bike

You ought to then determine the length of your bike using a tape step as soon as you got the bike wall mount for garage. It will assist you to locate the right location of your hanger later. After that, mark where you like to hang the bike thinking about the length of the bike. Ensure to provide some range between the floorings too.

Drill a hole and screw the bike hook

After that, you need to screw the hook or wall mount into the hole till it is safe and secure. You can hang your bike on the wall installed bicycle stands.

Method # 2: Using a Bike Rack

As an option of bike hooks, you can think about utilizing a bike rack rather. Similar to installing a bike hook, you need to measure your bike using a tape step too.

After that, you need to hold the rack on the wall where you like to install it. You need to not put the bike rack expensive because your bike might touch the ceiling when you hang it. Like the way you hang a bike hook, you must drill a hole to install your bike storage rack wall mounted.

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