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How to Store Your Bike


The Bike Hanger

Some individuals choose to use bicycle rather than automobile considering that gas costs higher nowadays. Riding bike will also make you a lot much healthier, in shape, and help minimize your carbon footprint all at the very same time. Another thing to think of when you purchase a bike is where do you prepare to keep it.

If your house has a large backyard, it won't be a much issue. You can have lots of options with this, like purchasing a locker or shed made especially for saving the bike, or simply leave it outside. Just do not forget to chain it up. If you do not have a house with big backyard, then these may not be alternatives for you. One thing that you can do is to use a wall installed bike storage.

For those who reside in an apartment or condo and have no outdoors storage, a wall installed bike storage will definitely be the very best choice for you. Never leave your bike leaning over versus an apartment wall because it can be easily knocked over due to its extending handlebars. While bike wall mount can conserve the area around your apartment or condo, it will prevent the bike from dropping and getting damaged.

Choose the design and color so it matches your home's decor when you're on a lookout for a bike wall storage. Hanging a bike on the wall is indeed thought about as an art work.

You can utilize the garage to store the bike if you live in a home without a large lawn however have a garage. Something to bear in mind is that if you save the bike in the garage, it can get rather congested and messy. Simply like an option for apartment dweller, you can use a hanging bike rack as a solution for your garage company.

Look offered areas around the garage that can be utilized to mount the wall mount. The low traffic area is an excellent option to put the rack so the wheels no longer touch the ground.

The hanging rack can also be utilized as a mean upkeep function. It will avoid you from lower neck and back pain when you do the repair work, like changing the tire.

Wall mounted bike rack comes in numerous types. One type allows you to hang the entire system from the front wheel.

Your consideration of what type to use should be according to the drawbacks and benefits, and the area available in your home.

Installation is according to the hanger type you have. Generally, each type can be quickly set up. A couple of screws or bolts are the only thing that the hanger needs to be mounted on the wall. Drilling holes in the wall and the wall mount will be set up in no time. Make sure that you utilize stud finder to make sure that the called is hung firmly. This is essential so your bike will not break and fall apart or ruin other home.

Installing a wall mounted bike wall mount is a economical and practical organizational option. It keeps your home secure and safe while maximizing the area around your home.

We suggest you to get the one from Hanging Bike. It is made with resilient product, simple to set up, and hang your bike safely.

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