Accueil Non classé Find Out How Pro Divers Keep Their Diving Knife Sharp All The Time

Find Out How Pro Divers Keep Their Diving Knife Sharp All The Time


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We're sure that you currently know that diving requires life assistance devices if you're a diving lover. With all the harmful things that may happen when you dive, so we provide you a list of the must-have dive accessories.

1. Gear Bag

As you go diving, you bring handful of equipment, hence, you need a strong and reputable bag with the ideal size to organize and secure them. Equipment bags for diving activity are slightly different from others, they have to have the ability to withstand the sun, saltwater, and wrestler-like baggage handlers.

2. Dry Bag

Diving is all about getting wet? Even when you're on a boat, the dry location may be few. You require an airtight dry bag to seal out water and moisture from your wallet, cell phone, clothing, and other things.

3. Lights.

Day or night diving, you ought to certainly have a reliable dive light at your posession. It is your main support of light when you go dive after dark, and serve as a backup light for glancing into crevices by day.

4. Compass.

If you tell a story of you being lost to impress other divers on the boat, it would be a shame. It may offer an impression that you don't have good navigation ability. With that in mind, you should constantly bring a compass as a device of navigation so you will not get lost ever once again.

5. Signalling Device.

Going to the surface away from the dive boat offer us this lonely sensation. You can always get ready for it by utilizing a surface signalling equipment like inflatable signal tube, ear-splitting whistle or a signalling mirror.

6. GPS.

What happen when you lost your compass and lost in the sea? That must be nightmare that we definitely want to avoid? One thing that can prevent this is a GPS rescue signalling device, with this, your position can be detected by the surrounding boats.

7. Parts Replacements and Tool Kit.

You currently hung out and cash to go on a diving location, but you have a leak or blown O-ring on your equipment. What would you do? Those equipment failures will not stop you from diving if you have the part replacements and tools to do some fundamental repair work.

8. Diving Knife.

A diving knife is indeed a need to have product to bring. It is vital for your survival. When your feet got tangled by a wire that from a fisherman's internet, think of. You require to make sure that your diving knife is made of product that can withstand rust and preserve the sharpness for a very long time.

9. Tank Bangers.

A tank bangers are vital for diver to quickly get the attention of another scuba diver because you can not talk underwater.

Now you already understand of the essential items to bring when you go diving. For the diving knife, we recommend you to get one from Zip Diving Knife. knife

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