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Find Out How You Can Maximize Kitchen Space Using Under Cabinet Storage Rack


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An under counter shelving unit can be one of the best ways to maximize your kitchen space. This idea is perfect especially for every homeowner who is lacking in kitchen storage. In addition to space under the counter, if you hang a cabinet above the counter, you can utilize the space under the cabinet as a storage solution.

Efficient Ways to Have More Storage in Your Kitchen

If you are feeling like you never have adequate storage in your kitchen, you may need some other ideas to maximize every space of your kitchen as a storage solution. Fortunately, there are a few efficient ways that you can do to get the most of unused space around your kitchen. In this article, we have collected several ideas.

Make Use of the Space under Your Counter

First of all, you can focus on the space under your counter to add more storage to your kitchen. Even when you have installed a set of cabinet under the counter, you can still have another under counter storage solution. Here are a few tricks that you can do to create more storage under your counter.

Employ the Inside of Your Cabinet Doors

You may never think that your cabinet doors can be organized for more than just a door. To utilize the doors of your cabinet as storage, you can think of buying an organizer for hanging over the cabinet door or installing hooks to hang things such as towels and pot. It can surely be a genius storage area for you.

Add another Shelf inside Your Cabinet

You can also consider adding another shelf inside the cabinet that is installed under the counter. It is not only a great way to keep things more organized but is also an excellent way to maximize the space in your kitchen. In case you do not have any cabinet under the counter, you can think of utilizing under counter rack.

Make Use of the Space under Your Cabinet

Moreover, it is also possible for you to employ the space under your cabinet for another storage solution. A kitchen usually has unused space under the hanging cabinet or over the counter. If you need an additional storage, this space can actually be utilized in some possible ways. Here are some of the tricks that you can take into account.

Install Hooks for Pots

Pots and skillets will take up so much space if you are storing all of them inside the cabinets. Then, it will be a bit unpractical once you need them immediately. For this reason, installing under cabinet storage by installing some hooks for pots and skillets can be a good idea. You can hang your things and grab them easily.

Store Utensils by Type

If you prefer to have your utensils to be stored under your cabinet, you can simply utilize containers to store the utensils by type. You can use each container to store spoons, whisks, and spatulas separately so that you can easily get one once you need. Then, you can place the container as an alternative for under cabinet storage rack.

As a means to get additional storage and maximizing the space in your kitchen, you can use the under cabinet shelf from COMFECTO. It is an organization that requires no tools to install. For more information, you can go to counter shelving

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