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The Easiest UV Radiation Protection


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Do you know that people who are exposed to UV rays have greater risk for skin cancer? Though it is healthy to let yourself bathe in sunlight, too much of it might cause you the disease since sunlight is the main source of UV rays. Here’s the thing, you definitely don’t want to stay inside if it keep you from being active, because physical activity is important for your good health. So you might want to be precautious and take a counter measure to limit your exposure to UV rays.

Since UV rays become more intense in the spring, people may get sunburned when the weather is still cool because they may not think about protecting themselves if it’s not hot since it’s quite warm outside. Keep in mind that you need to be careful on the beach or in areas with snow because sand, water, and snow reflect sunlight, which increase the amount of UV rays you get on the skin. It can also reach below the water’s surfac, thus, you can still get a burn even if you’re swimming in the pool.

Aside of water and other mediums, UV rays can also pass through windows. Though some car, home, and office windows can block most UVB rays, a small portion of UVA rays still can pass through. With this, if you don’t feel you’re getting burned, it may still damage your skin.

If you’re looking for window that can block more UVA rays, you can go with tinted windows, but this depends on the type of tinting. You should also check the local laws since tinted windows on cars are regulated. Though UV rays that pass through windows doesn’t pose a great risk to most people unless they spend long periods of time close to a window that gets direct sunlight, so you definitely need a tinted window.

You can find information about UV radiation in your local newspaper, TV, radio, and online forecasts. With this, you can know the UV radiation through the index when you plan to be outdoors and be prepared for it. We believe that there’re many smartphone apps that provide you with such information as well.

One thing you can do to protect your skin when you’re out in the sun is to wear some cloth. With clothes, you can have different levels of UV protection. You can use long sleeved shirts, long pants, or long skirts to cover the most skin, they basically are the most protective. Keep in mind that dark colors provide more protection than light colors. Choose thightly woven and dry fabric as they protect better than loosely woven clothing and wet fabric.

Remember that covering up your skin with cloth doesn’t block out all UV rays. You can know this by seeing light through the fabric, it the light gets through, then UV rays can get through as well. Many clothes manufacturer now make clothing that’s lightweight, comfy, and protect well against UV rays even when they’re wet.

Nowadays, clothes manufactured are more tightly woven, and some have special coatings to help absorb UV rays. You can check on the label to know that the cloth is sun protective by look at the label. If it’s labeled UV protection factor (UPF) value, then you’ll know the cloth is great to wear under the big bright yellow sun. The higher the UPF, the higher the protection you have.

Another thing you might want to note is that some products which are used like laundry detergents in a washing machine can increase the UPF value of clothes you already own. Detergents add a layer of UV protection to the cloth without changing the color or texture, well, if you wash them good. It can be a great advantage!

If you’re looking for a cloth that can protect you from UV rays, you can also wear gloves when you go driving around teh town. Pick one that is also stylish to support your fashion statement. We recommend you to get the one from Sunshine Lady Gloves, they have all the features to protect your hands from UV rays, while giving you a stylish look.

For more information, go to protection gloves for driving

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