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Why Every Home Should Have Paper Towel Holder


kobalt magnetic paper towel holder

Keeping stuff off the kitchen countertops is one of the ongoing housekeeping goals. Not only does it look neater, it also makes things easier to clean, and it makes the counter space look much more spacious. For instance, you can toy with the idea of getting one of those in-drawer knife holders so you can get rid of the big block, but the paper toowel storage stumps you. Though you try to use as few paper towels as possible for environmental reasons, sometime it still like you need to have them in easy reach just in case, right? Such a mundane item, paper towels, yet a staple in many kitchens, we pretty sure that you sometime wrestled with the idea of deciding where to hide or not hide them.

You can consider mounting a holder inside a cabinet door if you have the room. Though do keep in mind that your hands are oftentimes wet or dirty when you reach for a paper towel, so that would mean you’d get the cabinet and knob wet or dirty too. Mounting an under-cabinet holder is also out of question as it would block your under-cabinet lighting.

There is one area that you can use to store your paper towel though. That is refrigerator! You can attach a paper towel holder on the refrigerator door, this way, you will not get your dirty hands on the door knob. Plus, you can wipe your hand as you’re going to the refrigerator to get some eggs. Placing paper towel holder on the refrigerator door allows you to have paper towel easily without any hassle.

Utilizing this dispenser will definitely be convenient for business and home. It may as well maintain your healthy living lifestyle by maintaining clean restrooms and sink areas for family, customers, or employees. This may lead to reduce employee illness by stopping simple transmission of illness by using disposable paper products, as well as reduce janitorial time required to maintain those rooms clean. If you’re quite concern about the environment, you can use green paper products that are eco friendly and recyclable.

If you’re looking for a convenient yet sophisticated paper towel holder, then we recommend you to get the one from Quinno. It is made of premium materials which ensure longevity. The special thing about this product is that it comes with magnets, so you don’t need to use any tools for the installation. Just attach the magnets onto refrigerator and you’re done.

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