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Simple Steps to Make Ice Cream Cone Holder


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You can avoid unnecessary mess when you server ice cream cones at a party with a little preparation. You can prepare ice cream cones ahead of time or using as a serving tray, this ice cream cone holder is the most effective and time efficient. It would definitely serve as a centerpiece.

Here are some simple steps you can follow:

Take Out the Cones from the Box

You can use the box that ccame with your ice cream cones as the base for the project. Remove the cones and set them aside or place them in a plastic bag to store for later. Tape the box shut once you’re finished.

Wrap It Up

To perk up the party, wrap the box like when you wrap a present. You can use any kind of paper with patterns that match the theme of the party.

Cut Using Template

You can look for templates online to cut the box. Place the template on top of the box and carefully cut with a craft knife through the stencil, wrapping paper and box. It is much easier than cutting holes in the box first. You can use this technique for all the holes you need.

Removing the Stencil

Once you’re done, remove the stencil and discard any scraps that have been cut away from the box.

Place the Ice Cream Cones

Place the ice cone in the hole and serve once the box is already modified. Not only ice cream, you can also use this holder for other snacks. You need to rewrap the box and cut holes in the new wrapping paper once the paper gets wet or begins to wear.

This “do it yourself” ice cream cone holder is indeed great. But sometimes, when you get busy preparing the party, you don’t have the time for a DIY project. As a suggestion, we have a recommendation for you to use an ice cream cone holder made of acrylic. Usually it comes in clear color and simple design to light up your party and make the ice creams stand out.

We recommend you to use the one from Ice Cone Holder. It is made of BPA free clear acrylic, and comes with a protective cover. With 6 holes provided, you can display your ice cream cone or any other treats in the best attractive way. Your guests will definitely be delighted with the display. Aside of ice cream cone, you can use it to hold candy buffet, popcorn, cotton candy, and even snow cone!

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