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A Guide for Cleaning Your Toilet


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Cleaning the toilet is indeed uninteresting task yet it is an essential household chores. This is a task that should be done at least twice a wekk as keeping the toilet clean will keep you and your family healthy, as well as give visitors good impression. Here are several tips on how to clean your toilet:

- Rule number one, always flush after use. This is essential to keep the toilet clean all the time.

- Never use bleach to clean the toilet. It is important especially for homes with children and pets. The chlorinated, highly acidic, and corrisive chemicals has an adverse effect on the health of your household and the finishing of the toilet.

- The golden rule is that you never flush solid objects or hard paper down the toilet which can cause blockage in the toilet line.

- Always put a trash can beside the toilet seat as a reminder that things that could clog the toilet should be thrown in the trash can.

To do the cleaning, you will need:

- Toilet cleaner

- Toilet brush

- Hand gloves

- Roll of paper towel

- A bottle of vinegar

To clean, pour the toilet cleaner into the inside of the bowl and let it dissolve for 5 minutes. Then use a toilet brush to scrub the bowl, the sides and under the rim. Scrub until all stains and coloration around the bowl are removed, then leave for 10 minutes. Apply disinfectant outside the bowl and scrub it with toilet brush so the surface will be cleaner. Flush afterwards.

After you’re done scrubbing, you can use the vinegar. Vinegar has the ability to kill not only germs and bacteria, but also remove any lime deposits around the toilet with its acidic nature. Start by pouring some quantity of vinegar the toilet tank to remove the deposits built up from tap water then allow it to dissolve for some timeand flush immediately several times so the remnants of the vinegar will be removed from the tank.

Once you’re done with the steps above, you can go back to the bowl by pouring some vinegar into the bowl. Leave it for 30 minutes to allow it to soak then scrub off with paper towel. Remove the hidden bowl ring and calcium build up by pouring more of vinegar down the toilet and sure that it fills above the water line.

Whle you wait, you can kill every bacterial on the outside of the toilet by spraying vinegar. As usual, let it soak for a while then scrub using the toilet brush both outside and inside the bowl and tank. Make sure that you do this frequently so the bacteria and composite don’t build up too much and become hard to clean.

To make the cleaning easier, you can use an under the rim toilet brush from Eco Toilet Brush. Unlike any other toilet brush, Eco Toilet Brush has curved head which allows you to be able to easily reach toilet rims, making cleaning a lot easier.

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Cleaning the toilet is indeed uninteresting. Evenso, it is necessary in every household to keep everyone in the house healthy. Here are some tips to make the cleaning easier.

Get Your Kit Together

You need to buy a new toilet brush if you have not replaced your for months. Other than that, you also need a pair of rubber gloves reserved solely for cleaning the toilet, a toilet cleaner for the toilet bowl, scouring powder or cream for cleaning under the rim, and paper towel or old rags that you can dispose after use.

Get Your Hands in the Rubber Gloves and Do the Work

Put the rubber gloves, then use the toilet brush a plunge. Push the water in the toilet down so that the water below the normal water line. You can leave the brush in the toilet and leave the toilet cleaner to work then move onto the next step.

Use the Toilet Cleaner

To clean the toilet efficiently, use the cleaner under the rim and down the sides of the bowl. Let it sit for about 10 minutes, then brush the cleaner around the bowl and as far under the rim as possible with the toilet brush.

Use Cleaning Spray

You can use the cleaning spray for the outside of the toilet. Wipe clean and make sure that you cover the parts that often missed like the front part of the toilet stand, underneathh the bowl, hinges of the toilet seat, and underneath the seat. By hygiene consideration, you should also spray and clean the handle and flush button.

Get an Under the Rim Brush

You need to clean under the rim of the toilet seat as well. This is indeed not the best part of the job, but is essential to do. You can get a toilet brush with additional brush on top for making under the rim scrubbing easier.

In Case the Toilet Has Not Been Cleaned for a While

What if the toilet has not been cleaned for a while, say, you just moved into a new home. If the toilet has limescale marks, you can soak using some wads of paper towel with vinegar then place onto the marks. If the marks are quite formidable, you might want to leave the towel on them for a few hours or even overnight. With this, you can scrub them away easily with the toilet brush. The residue of limescale can be cleaned by rubbing them gently with a pumice stone.

To make the cleaning easier, you can use an under the rim toilet brush from Eco Toilet Brush. Unlike any other toilet brush, Eco Toilet Brush has curved head which allows you to be able to easily reach toilet rims, making cleaning a lot easier.

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